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Learning Checklists

Check 4 Business is the only LMS to feature Learning Checklists as a core component. Checklists are totally flexible and can be used for any subject or topic. They can be used for a course module or even an organisation wide skills audit. Learners can RAG (red, amber, green) their confidence against checklist descriptors from any device at any time. Educators can verify that descriptors have been met - either manually or automatically as a result of online testing. Content management is at a checklist level facilitating targeted and flexible learning. Check 4 Business is modular, meaning that checklists can be used in isolation, potentially in conjunction with other LMS products. Alternatively checklists can be used as integral part of Check Online - driving the learning process supported by assignments and online / adaptive testing.

The Power of Checklists!

What is the Timely, Targeted Training Model?

We believe that if training is to be truly effective and productive it must be timely and targeted so learners will have the skills they need - when they are needed.

A Learner, in conjunction with a trainer or line manager, can specify the priority of any training needs against checklist descriptors. Why is this important? Quite simply, learners might forget any skills learned if they do not get the opportunity to practice them until long after the event. With traditional methods and LMS platforms, using training grids and conducting a skill gap analysis is an effective, but time-consuming method, of identifying training needs. Fortunately, with Check Online the process is automated thus facilitating timely and targeted training.

Blended Learning versus Flexible Learning

Check Online supports blended learning in that there are learner groups that may have one or more class based training sessions supported by online materials. In the case of Check Online content (multi-media or otherwise) is at a learning checklist level. This allows training courses / topics to be broken down to avoid 'Information Overload'. Although, in a modern dynamic environment, blended learning does not go far enough. Learners need to have more control of the learning process necessitating a flexible learning approach - and the reason why Check Online was designed as a personalised LMS. With flexible learning the focus is more on individual learner requirements which can can be met by targeted one-to-one sessions and peer mentoring that comes from a strong learning community.

Professional Services

Our small team of learning facilitators have many years of experience in the education sector. We have used many different eLearning (LMS / VLE) products and can work with whatever platform you are currently using. Professional services customers, however, can use the Check Online platform free of charge* - should they so wish. No matter the size, scale and sector of your organisation, we are confident that we can make a real difference to your learning & development provision. We can:

  • Manage learning projects
  • Design and develop training programmes based on blended & flexible learning principles
  • Evaluate existing provision and suggest improvements
  • Procure and liaise with third party providers
  • Compile training grids and undertake a skills gap analysis
  • Compile learning checklists - for any subject, course or topic
  • Compile training resources and content - for different learners and learning styles
  • Deliver training sessions - either class based or via webinar (primarily IT and Business admin)
  • Conduct an impact analysis

* hosting charges may apply depending on the number of users

Client and Learner Testimonials

"We have found Jon (our eFirst Learning Facilitator) to be responsive, attentive and approachable in compiling the digital apprenticeship programme. This is true both for his professional and positive attitude to working for us as an organisation to address the complexities of the apprenticeship offer, and even moreso in creating the personalised learning techniques that have effectively balanced the needs of syllabus, apprentice and employer."

Lesley Taylor

Professional Programmes Lead, The Learning Institute

"I value being able to use online learning checklists to track my progress against apprenticeship standards. I have a graphical view of improvement over time and this gives me confidence when taking knowledge module exams - each of of which I have passed comfortably so far"

Josh Macaulay

Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprentice

"I engaged Jon from eFirst to help me with my IT skills. He was very attentive, quickly understanding what I was trying to achieve. Once the subject matter had been identified within MS Office, he composed a targeted bespoke package that enabled me to go through each process step by step. He even made a help guide so that I could reference the skill set at a later date."

Mike Houghton

Tamar Bridge Operations Manager

"eFirst have taken key knowledge content in different formats and turned it into online multimedia content that is both responsive and visually appealing. The content has been well received by students and teachers. eFirst have used their years of teaching experience to be proactive by helping us get the content presented in a way that is clear and precise"

Jon, our nominated learning facilitator, responds promptly and professionally to questions and listens to our bespoke requirements based on our teacher and student feedback. This feedback is then evidenced quickly in the product. We have been very happy with his support over the last 8 months and are looking forward to working with him as the project develops."

Assistant Principal Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form

A refreshingly different LMS backed up by professional services

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