Why Personalised Learning?

The Evidence

As educational professionals, we understand the need for evidence driven practice - without it, even the best intended actions can have poor consequences. This is why, when we began to develop the concepts behind eFirst, our first step was to research the benefits and potential costs of our methods.

Technology in the Classroom

There is a plethora of evidence to support the idea that technology helps students to learn more effectively. Of particular importance is a longitudinal meta-study demonstrating a significant impact is made on students' learning by incorporating technology into the learning environment. eFirst enables schools, colleges and universities to do this seamlessly, through our customisable modules. Furthermore, the use of our products can help schools to achieve requirements such as those in the Digital Competence Framework, and Digital Literacy.

Personalised Learning

Check is designed to provide a personalised learning and feedback environment that reacts to students' individual learning and progression.

The Gilbert Review defines personalised learning as:
  1. Each student should have a “learner profile” that documents his or her strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and goals
  2. Each student should pursue an individualized learning path that encourages him or her to set and manage personal academic goals.
  3. Students should follow a “competency-based progression” that focuses on their ability to demonstrate mastery of a topic, rather than seat time.
  4. Students’ learning environments should be flexible and structured in ways that support their individual goals.

At eFirst, it is our mission to bring each of these foci seamlessly into every day practice, through adaptive technology. Because Check tracks students' progress, it is quickly able to provide next steps and to allow students to manage their academic goals appropriately, encouraging independence and self-reliance.

Check Lists

Our unique Check Lists module is at the core of what we have to offer. It is a complete progress tracking, assessment monitoring and feedback tool, designed to be fully customisable to suit the courses your school or university teaches.

While the initial concept for this software comes from the experience of teachers, there is significant evidence to demonstrate that a system which offers students clear targets and provides new ones as these are met has a large impact on both how students approach their learning and on their eventual outcomes. The same study also demonstrates that there is a considerable impact made by sharing students' targets with their parents or carers, particularly for students aged 16-18. Our software allows schools and colleges to do this instantly, as parents are issued unique portal logins that allow them to see how their child is progressing, and their next steps.