Cloud based personalised learning with the Check Online product suite.

Personalised Learning with Check Online

Check Online is the only personalised learning platform currently available in the UK. The traditional VLE (virtual learning environnment) has evolved through innovative software designed by teachers for teachers that minimises workload and maximises impact.

Check Online, unlike some other education software products, is not cluttered and over-engineered. We believe that software must be simple and easy to use if there is to be widespread 'buy-in' from staff and students.

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Check Online can be accessed from any web browser or via the app.


Homework and assignments can be paper based or electronic. Teachers can assess and give feedback online that is visible to students and parents.

Learning Checklists

Students can RAG their progress online for any subject with learning Checklists that can be analysed for targeted teaching.

Adaptive Testing

Online testing for both knowledge and understanding. Tests can be adaptive and personalised to individual students.


Assessment for online tests can be automated with feedback instantly visible to students and parents.

Check Online is the only learning environment to feature learning Check Lists as its core component. Students own and can use their Check Lists in the familiar RAG (red, amber, green) format, as well as having instant access to their next step or target. Teachers can verify that criteria have been met, while parents can see how their child is progressing against expectations for the course. Check Lists can be fully customised to the needs of your course and can be knowledge based (for tracking skills and understanding) or project based (for tracking progress against course work, for example).

online learning checklists
The teacher view of a downloaded Check List

Content management within Check is at a learning checklist level. This facilitates targeted deployment of resources for a given topic that avoids 'information overload'.

Check Online can also analyse checklists for an entire group to highlight knowledge gaps. This allows teaching to be effectively targeted based on the needs of the group. The eFirst ethos - minimise workload and maximise impact!

analysing learning checklists
Highlighted knowledge gaps for targeted teaching.

Check Online comes bundled with secure notices for staff, students and parents. Hyperlinks are supported as are different categories of notice.

Check Work is a flexible assignment and homework solution that is both electronic and paper-friendly. Work can be planned in advance (by course or scheme of learning) and subsequently issued by different teachers to different groups. Alternatively, work can be teacher specific and issued quickly to a group of students.

All students know what work is set and when it is due in. They can even download calendar reminders for mobile devices. Using the Check Online parent portal, parents are able to see the work that their child has been set, when it is due in and even the grade that was given.

A unique feature of Check is the ability to set assignments and homework to part or all of a group. This allows teachers to either differentiate effectively or only set work to students who are actually in the lesson that day.

Beyond a simple set of instructions, Check Work allows teachers to attach support files, worksheets and other documents, as well as embedding videos directly into the page, quickly and easily. This allows them to engage in flexible pedagogy, including the use of the Flipped Classroom.

Students can hand in assignments online, via email or in class, with the teacher setting their requirements.

Work can be assessed online, with instant feedback for students, and an automatic markbook generated, which can be viewed online by the teacher, as well as downloaded.

Our latest flexible module is Check Behaviour, and we're really excited about it.

It is a quick and easy way for staff to log behaviour for individual students, creating records which can be easily dissemminated to appropriate members of staff. There is also the facility to easily message parents, alerting them to successes and concerns about their child, as well as tracking how issues have been dealt with to improve Safeguarding.

This module is currently in alpha-test. Please contact us if you'd like to be alerted when it becomes available.

Check Understanding incorporates semi-automated, personalised and adaptive online testing. In a feature unique to Check Online, the product actually learns about its learners!

In keeping with our philosophy of software that is simple and easy to use, it is straightforward for teachers to create a test. In fact, for an adaptive test, teachers do not need to add questions! Check online will do that automatically based on question banks for existing tests currently in the system. Naturally teachers have control over the parameters used for the selection of questions.

Creating an online test
Creating an online test

To truly test understanding, online testing tools must allow teachers to set extended writing questions to assess different levels of response. Check online assesses questions where it is able to (e.g. multiple choice) and will then hand over any extended writing questions to a teacher for assessment before a final overall grade is given. Assessing an online test
Assessing an online test

When a test is issued to a student, it is issue in the form of an assignment just like any other (e.g. homework, coursework, past paper, mock exam etc.) Check online is the only product of offer this kind of flexibility where assignments are concerned.

Check Networking is a secure social media environment, based on the premise that we learn best when we learn together. It provides a walled garden where students can safely collaborate on projects, share ideas and help one another, as well as contributing to class blogs. This environment will also allow schools to meet their eSafety obligations as, in order to participate, students must pass a Safe Social Media course. Please contact us if you'd like to be alerted when it becomes available.