Our Story

Our story...

We are a small team of educational professionals with many years of experience in education and training. We were frustated by witnessing expensive education software products being implemented and ultimately failing with limited buy-in from educators and learners. Being pioneers in the field of personalised learning we were similarly frustrated by the lack of personalised learning solutions on the market. In summer 2017 we decided to do something about it and the beginning of 2018 saw the first release of the Check Online personalised platform - a product designed by educators for educators. Not by analysts and software engineers with little or no market experience. But we have come along way since then providing both product and professional services to schools, colleges and businesses alike.

Meet the team...



Jon is the driving force behind Check Online. He is an outstanding teacher, with many years of experience in the state sector, as well as an excellent teacher trainer, experienced in guiding and supporting others to achieve their full potential.

The idea for Check Online came from his own teaching practice, as he sought ways to improve the monitoring of progression, alongside methods of giving personalised feedback to students in a more time-efficient manner. Before moving in to teaching, Jon spent 16 years managing IT projects and designing IT solutions across numerous different sectors, and he brings this wealth of knowledge and skills to our products. Whilst working in industry Jon had experience of being both a learner and a trainer. He witnessed first hand the wastage associated with poorly timed and ineffective training. This experience led to the timely, targeted training model which has shaped Jon's practice eversince.

As well as holding a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Jon is also a chartered professional member or the British Computer Society and a professional member of the Institute of Training and Occupation Learning.


Marc came to teaching from an industry background and has experience of leading the introduction of new technologies in schools, as well as being well acquainted with the challenges schools face in ensuring they are able to evidence the requirements of OFSTED and other inspectorates. As an experienced Head of Computing, he understands the pressures educational institutions face to provide constant evidence of progression from their students, as well as the importance of quality communication between home and school. He is our CTO, and is constantly seeking innovative ways to support teachers through technology.


Ash is a teacher of English who brings a different way of looking at challenges to the team. She is able to identify areas where processes can be streamlined and simplified to help make our products even more user-friendly. In addition to this, she provides the training and support for our partner institutions.